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Why Us?

Flinthills Nursery field grows and balls in burlap using generous basket sizing on all our trees.

We generously space all our trees to ensure a full lush, dense canopy on every tree. Drip irrigation is used for the first two or three years of field growth along with injections of organic fertilizers. Force feeding our trees artificial fertilizers to promote canopy and caliper growth for a quicker sale is not an option. Most tree varieties will spend a full four years of growing in the field before reaching harvest size. Having a vigorous and dense root system is the key to transplant survivability.

Our objective is to produce high quality competitively priced trees with minimal intervention that will thrive and grow immediately after transplanting. Customer satisfaction is our goal.

About Us

Flinthills Nursery, LLC is a family owned and operated field production tree farm that was established in April of 2006. We planted our first trees in June of 2006 and we have just kept growing since. Our operation is owned and managed by Jerry Maier.

Currently we have over 6,000 trees in the field with over 30 varieties.